As Detroit’s Top Rated Local® carpet & upholstery cleaning company, Beautifully Restored provides professional air duct cleaning services at residential and commercial properties. The vents and ductwork in a building collect a lot of debris that leads to allergic responses. To improve the air quality in a building, it is essential to have household dust suctioned from the ductwork with professional duct cleaning.

Our company uses heavy-duty air duct cleaning equipment designed to suction debris efficiently without making a mess. We perform duct cleaning using strong blowers; dust is removed from nooks inside ductwork to make it perfectly clean. The combination of blowing air into ductwork while suctioning dirt leads to a cleaner environment inside a building.

At Beautifully Restored, we employ air duct cleaning technicians after performing a background screening process. Our employees are trained to protect surfaces inside a building with tarps to prevent damage from dirt. Special precautions are used during duct cleaning to avoid scratching paint on walls near vents or damaging furniture.

To eliminate mold spores, destroy odors, and prevent insect invasions inside a building’s ductwork, our duct cleaning technicians blow eco-friendly chemicals into the systems. With superior air duct cleaning equipment and safe cleansers, families and customers enjoy a sanitary environment. The reduction of pathogens in ductwork helps to prevent symptoms of coughing and sneezing.

Air duct cleaning is a difficult chore for amateurs without the correct supplies and knowledge, but Beautifully Restored has knowledgeable technicians who know how to perform air duct cleaning services quickly. The only way to have a really clean building is by having ductwork professionally cleaned. Contact us online to schedule an appointment, or call Beautifully Restored today at 1-888-654-8282 to receive a free estimate for all of your duct cleaning needs.

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