DryerVentThe #1 source of house fires is lint catching on fire in clogged dryer vents ?

  • The Consumer Protection Agency and all Dryer manufacturers highly recommend an annual cleaning of dryer vents.
  • Protect your family!
  • Save money on energy bills!
  • Prolong the life of your dryer!

We offer a 25% discount on our Dryer Vent Cleaning Service when you have any one of our other services performed.

At Beautifully Restored, our mission is quite simple. We aim to provide a safe and healthy living environment for our customers by removing many of the contaminants that pollute the air. Not only are these contaminants pesky, but they can even spur allergic reactions. Our customers choose us time and time again for their dryer vent cleaning and safety needs for a number of reasons.

Innovative Cleaning Process

Beautifully Restored uses a unique dryer vent cleaning process that not only clears contaminants, but also clears them from the outside of the home to the dryer. Our cleaning process helps prevent possible fires, and you’ll even find that your clothes dry much more quickly after working with us.

Experienced Trained Technicians

Each person we employ at Beautifully Restored is trained and experienced in dryer vent cleaning. We don’t waste time with inexperienced individuals because we know your time and money are both valuable.

Superior Equipment and Safe Cleaning Products

The technology and equipment our cleaning team uses is far superior to the field standard. Additionally, we only use safe cleaning products and chemicals to clean dryer vents. Other companies often can’t make that same promise.

Ask any customer that’s worked with Beautifully Restored about their cleaning experience, and you’ll instantly know where our success stems from. The safety and satisfaction of our customers are our highest priorities. Simply put, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. To see why Beautifully Restored is the best in the industry, give us a call today.

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