At Beautifully Restored, we understand the importance of fast water damage restoration at commercial and residential buildings. No matter whether a pipe breaks or a river overflows, removing moisture as quickly as possible is necessary to prevent further damage. As Detroit’s Top Rated Local® carpet & upholstery cleaning company, water damage restoration customers can count on us to arrive the same day to begin the cleanup process.

An innovative cleaning process is vital after a flooding incident to prevent secondary damage from mold growth. First, a water restoration technician must verify that a water-soaked building is safe to work in to avoid an injury from electrocution. After assessing the problems in a flooded building, our Beautifully Restored technicians can begin working on water damage restoration.

Our technicians receive specialized training in water damage restoration processes to know how to plan a cleanup after moisture enters a building from overflowing sewer lines or burst water pipes. An organized cleaning plan helps to reduce damage to interior surfaces such as drywall. We make sure that our water restoration technicians are continually retrained.

Beautifully Restored has industrial-strength generators, drying fans, and extraction machines. This means our water damage restoration technicians can dry a building quickly to prevent mildew odors that develop in carpet fibers and wall insulation. In addition, our technicians can apply deodorizing chemicals to floor tiles to prevent odors before replacing carpet.

When our Beautifully Restored customers need water damage restoration, our technicians respond immediately. We know that moisture seeps quickly under baseboards, inside walls, and under wall-to-wall carpeting. Contact us online to schedule an appointment, or call Beautifully Restored today at 1-888-654-8282 for emergency water damage restoration at homes and businesses.

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